Unveiling Why is Psychology Considered a Social Science


The study of the human mind and behaviour is known as psychology. It is one of the most fascinating and diverse fields of science and has become increasingly recognized as a social science over the years. In this blog article, we will explore what psychology is, why is psychology considered a social science, the importance of psychology in social science and its significance in everyday life.

how psychology is considered a science

What is Psychology?

The scientific study of behaviour and mental processes is known as psychology. The discipline seeks to understand the complexities of the human mind and why we behave the way we do. Psychologists use scientific methods to investigate how we think, feel, and behave, and seek to understand why we do what we do. Psychology is divided into various sub-fields specializing in specific behaviour and mental processes. These fields include clinical psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, and cognitive psychology, among others.

Why is Psychology Important as a Social Science?

Psychology is important as a social science for several reasons. Firstly, it allows us to understand and predict how individuals and groups think and behave in society. This knowledge is vital when dealing with social issues such as crime, social inequality, and mental health. Secondly, psychology can help us build better relationships with others, improve our communication skills, and increase our emotional intelligence. It can also help us understand why we form certain relationships, such as romantic ones, and what drives our behaviour in these relationships. Finally, psychology allows us to understand and appreciate the diversity of human behaviour and mental processes.

How is Psychology Considered a Science?

Psychology is considered a science because it uses scientific methods to investigate and analyze human behaviour and mental processes. Psychologists use a variety of methods, including observation, experimentation, and statistical analysis, to collect data and test theories. They also follow the scientific method, which involves formulating a hypothesis, designing experiments to test the hypothesis, collecting data, and analyzing the results. That’s why psychology is considered a social science.

Psychology as a Social Science Example

One example of psychology as a social science is social psychology, which focuses on how individuals and groups interact with each other in social situations. Social psychologists study topics such as social cognition, attitudes, group behaviour, and intergroup relations. This field has important implications for understanding social issues such as prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination.

Is Psychology a Social Science or Humanities?

is sociology a social science

Psychology is considered both a social science and a humanities discipline. It is a social science because it studies human behaviour and mental processes within a social context. However, it is also a humanities discipline because it deals with questions that are philosophical, existential, and ethical in nature.

Importance of Psychology in Social Science

Psychology is important in social science because it allows us to understand and analyze human behaviour within a societal context. It helps us understand issues such as differences in behaviour among different cultures, social inequality, and crime. Psychology research also informs policymaking and provides evidence-based solutions to societal problems.

Importance of Psychology in Everyday Life

Psychology is relevant to everyday life because it provides us with a better understanding of ourselves and others. It helps us improve our interpersonal relationships, understand our own motivations and behaviours, and become more self-aware. It also helps us become more empathetic and understanding of others’ experiences and perspectives.

What is a Social Science?

Social science is a field of study that deals with human behaviour and interactions within a social context. Psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, and economics are examples of social sciences. These disciplines use scientific methods to investigate, analyze, and understand human behaviour and social phenomena.

Humanities vs Social Sciences

Humanities and social sciences are both concerned with the study of human behaviour and offer different perspectives. The humanities, such as philosophy and literature, focus on human experience and the interpretation of human actions, values, and beliefs. Social sciences, on the other hand, use scientific methods to study human behaviour and the social context in which it occurs.


Psychology is an important social science that helps us understand human behaviour and mental processes within a societal context. It combines scientific methods with philosophical, existential, and ethical questions. Knowing more about psychology can improve our lives, our relationships, and our understanding of the world around us. For these common reasons, psychology is considered a social science


What distinguishes psychology as a social science? 

Psychology differs from other natural sciences by emphasizing the study of human behaviour, thoughts, and emotions in relation to social and interpersonal contexts. It examines how individuals are influenced by and interact with others.

What are the key areas of psychology that make it a social science?

 Some key areas of psychology that contribute to its classification as a social science include social psychology, developmental psychology, cultural psychology, and personality psychology. These branches explore the social and cultural aspects of human behaviour.

What is the importance of studying psychology as a social science? 

Studying psychology as a social science helps us gain insights into human behaviour, how individuals interact with each other, and how society influences our thoughts and actions. It provides a foundation for understanding social dynamics, improving relationships, and addressing social issues.

Can psychology contribute to other disciplines as a social science? 

Yes, psychology as a social science contributes to various fields such as sociology, anthropology, education, and organizational behaviour. Its findings and theories help explain human behaviour within these disciplines and provide valuable insights for practical applications.

Does psychology as a social science have practical applications?

Absolutely. Psychology has numerous practical applications in areas such as counselling, therapy, organizational behaviour, education, marketing, and public policy.

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